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Wellness area

Wellness area - relax and enjoy

After an intensive day skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ski touring and just enjoying the great outdoors, come to our sauna world. It will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. We offer that classical Finnish sauna as well as a Bio Sauna with steam.

Finnish Sauna

Here you can experience heat session from 80 to 90 celcius (176 to 194 F degrees). The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire. Afterwards an ice cold refreshing walk outside in the fresh air helps the body to become fit, healthy and give a "born again" feeling.

Bio Sauna

This is a bit more of a milder art to relax, and is appreciated especially by women, eldery persons and for children. The temperatures are from 40 to 60 celcius (104 to 122 F degrees) with a air humidity of 40 to 45%. As these temperatures and the humidity, the body cleansing through persperation can be achieved without much strain on the circulation.

After your sauna, we welcome you to our vitalizing shower where you can wash away your perspiration pearls, enter our relaxing area with lounge chairs and enjoy a glass of fresh Adelbodner water.

Savour the place for cleansing, purification, revitalization, psychological relaxation and body goodness.

Our wellness area (sauna) is not included in our rates! Prices as follows:

Individual entry: CHF 8.00 per person / CHF 16.00 per family

Weekly ticket: CHF 16.00 per person / CHF 32.00 per family