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Cooperative Vacation- and Family Hotel Alpina

The Vacation- and Family Hotel Alpina is an independant facility of the Evangelical Methodist church of Switzerland and is cooperative organized.

It is our personal wish and conviction to have the values of the bible be mirrored in our business ethics and leadership. For our guests we wish that they not only be able to renew physically but to also enjoy and experience spiritual fellowship.

We are members of the Christian Hotel Association of Switzerland and one of three Swiss Methodist hotels.

The principles to our business philosophy are in our mission Statement.

History Hotel Alpina


Build in 1963 a youthhouse – Evangelical Community – as the succeeding house of the youth house in Boden. Direction: Mr. and Mrs. Pauli.


Markus und Eliane Müller became the new directors.

1978 – 1988

Through various renovations and additions – went from youthhouse to family hotel.


Markus und Eliane Müller give the direction management position to Heidi und René Müller.

Another renovation and addition gave theAlpina ist new look.

Since then, it is now a 3 start hotel.